Standing in moonlight

bubble wrapped heart
About ME :D

Well, what can i say?
I LOVE McFly <3
I live in Australia so its a bit hard being only one of a few McFly fanatics but, yeah, im spreading the word downunder! :D


Well, congrates, you guessed it! my fave band is McFly :P
Also in love with Brian McFadden and his sexy irish accent :P
oh and NLT are about the hottest boy band EVA!!


My name is Hanna and i am a tv addit! :P
ok im not that bad but i do watch a bit much.....sometimes...
Desperate Housewives and Gossip Girl are what keep me going each week :P
90210 has also just started over here is Aus (yes i know we are so behind :P) but yeah, im now addicted!

My Book

Twilight is the best book released (in my opinion) and the movie has got to be my fav.
I'm also a avid member of team Jacob :D